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Sunday Leftover Thanksgiving Dinner.....

Well, one of my neices (Rachel) came over on Sunday for a Leftover Turkey dinner! She brought her boyfirend Jeff, and we all sat down and watched Kingsman and ate. I really enjoyed having them over.

We had Turkey, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Rainbow Carrots, Brussels Sprouts, Ambers homemade Cranberry Sause (And, of course something is always forgotten...the item? The Spagetti Squash. It was still in the fridge hehe)


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*Hugs Today*

*Thinking of my Friends & Family*

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Nui and I went to Dads for a Thanksgiving Lunch. It was a nice visit and the food was actually not bad!

We will be cooking our "Thanksgiving" meal on Saturday and then my niece Racheal will be coming over Sunday for a Thanksgiving Leftovers meal. Then were going to send her home (Collage) with some food.

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AnK - Iason WTF


Wow...there is nothing like being accosted at the grocery store.

I was pushing my cart, grabbing for the coffee when a few men in Trump shirts yelled at me....

Man 1 - Hey faggotity cunt!
Man 2 - You just wait and see what you get now!

Then they made shakeing fists gestures at me as they laughed and walked off.

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Dead Pyrex Ziti....


I am SO frackin livid I could just....*Groaning-sigh*

I made Ziti tonight...I make an Awsome sauce (Spaghetti / Ziti, I use it for both). I use meat, mushrooms, onion, red bell pepper, garlic cloves, and chopped collard greens (sometimes spinach) and I do two things (Like a seasoning) to the sauce I wont mention couse its my secret.

Anywhoo, when I make it I make two bakeing dishes worth and then separate them and eat them for a week yadda yadda...

So, I made it tonight and when the alarm went off and I opend the oven, I discoverd that at some point while bakeing, the frackin pyrex bakeing dish exploded! And not only did I lose that one, the other was coverd in shatterings of glass as well!

Its such a all has to go into the garbage...


Exploded baking dish and now my dead Ziti...
 photo Ziti1_zpsciflwsjx.jpg

The exploded baking dish. I just cant believe it did that....
 photo Ziti2_zpswfaoeo3d.jpg

The other dish that was beside it...covered in shattered to it were the large shards I could lift out....
 photo ziti3_zpsofhzebec.jpg
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Gasp! - Mouse The Cat

National Cat Day (Home edition)

Nui's Mother got me a Tardis Bird Feeder for my Birthday and the cats have kind of taken it over.


Pickle got on it and perched! HA!
 photo IMG_1808_zpsvg6qd4wy.jpg

Then LuLu kept rubbing her face with the 'light' on top and playing with the rope you hang it with....
 photo IMG_1816_zpsra0uijp0.jpg

Miko kept meowing at it, which is funny couse she is a feral rescue and usually keeps silent and all ghost cat. For those in the know about her mouth allergy, she has 6 teeth now. Shes doing good but sleeps ALOT *Snort*
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National Cat Day!!!!

Well! Today is National Cat Day!

So...hey out there to all the cats of my flist friends!


 photo tardiscatimg_zpsuxqdcov2.jpg

I love the subtle Tardis in the background hehehe....
 photo cat__tardis_by_aisule-d5hw174_zpsb3fuc555.jpg
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Dark & Nui

Happy Anniversary!

So wonderful to have found a fellow Geek/Nerd/Dork....

Happy 7 years! Love you to Gallifrey and back Nui!


 photo 060_zpsd4knizqz.jpg

At The Renaissance Fair
 photo Us 4_zpszk4j9xm5.jpg

At a Sci-fi convention....
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Memory and artical

Funny thing is, I love Trees. Always have.

I was climbing them as early as I can remember and felt my most at peace when surounded by them, or were chillin out up in one.

I remember Dad comeing out into the yard to get me for dinner and walking up to the tree and looking up at me, then as I was getting down he asked "Do you want a Tree House or something?" I said "No, becouse you would have to pound nails into it right?" He agreed and I was adament "No I dont want to hurt the Tree".

About a week later he gave me a few boards that I could just wedge between branches to make a flat sitting space. Removable and no harm to the tree.

I always thought that was cool of him. He didnt think I was stupid for careing about the Tree.


So, I was on FB and I saw a post from Mark Ruffalo (Who by the way, is a fellow Wisconsinite) where he posted a artical he really liked and where he says "This is a beautiful article on one of my greatest loves: Trees." (I wonder if its a Wisconsin thing hehehe), anyway, I thought I would share the link.

His FB page:

The Article:

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Dark - Statue

We Remember....

I remember Mom calling me and saying "Put on the news, now. Hurry, it's important".

Every Sept 11th, I watch the History Channel.

I watch these shows on events that unfolded...*Sigh*...I have to watch these shows. Oddly I feel its important. There is that saying "Those that don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it" or something like that. I think you all know what I mean....

Shows like "Voices from inside the Towers", this is the blurb describing the show...'An aural account of what went on inside the World Trade Center Towers on Sept.11 includes the recordings victims left on message machines; 911 calls; accounts by survivors; and families recalling the last words of loved ones. Also: a time line of the events of the day'. I watch the show every year since it came out....


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